Support Her

Support Her

It is vital that you support your girlfriend, stand-up for her, and empower her. If you do not support your girlfriend then she can become emotionally distraught because her supposed Knight in shining armor will not come to her defense when other people are verbally attacking her.

You need to support your girlfriend instead of constantly ridiculing her. Instead of mocking her Yoga classes you should encourage her to continue with them if she likes them. You could really be a stand-up man and even go with her for some yoga classes. You never know you might actually like them.

If your girlfriend wants to do something but feels hesitant then it is up to you as her boyfriend to encourage her and help give her the faith and confidence to follow through on these things. If she wants to go camping for the first time but is kind of shy or nervous to do it then you as the boyfriend need to lead the way, take her camping, and help to ensure she has a good time. This will help build her confidence and then she will have the confidence to go camping by herself if she wanted too, even though she will probably bring you along again so you can cook the S’Mores.

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