You’re a Loser

You’re a Loser

Women do not like dating losers. If you have no drive in life then the girl may break up with you. If you have more drive for playing Halo on your Xbox then you do for getting a job then you can be considered a loser.

You may even have a job you enjoy such as delivering pizzas. You may think that you have a job and are happy delivering pizzas but you will need to do something further to keep your girlfriend. She will breakup with you if you are not husband material and it is hard to support a family by delivering pizzas, especially if you work at Papa John’s Pizza and have no benefits because the owner did not want to increase the costs of pizzas 20 cents each in order to provide healthcare to his workers.

You need to be goal oriented. You probably will not start off with a super-high paying job with great benefits but you can keep working towards one and take opportunities whenever they arise. You may need to sell meat door to door or some other nasty job. You also may need to go and get your college degree. As long as you are honestly working hard and making progress and becoming successful then you will have a much better chance of keeping your girlfriend. Even if you do want your girlfriend to break up with you so you can date other girls it is still vital that you keep working towards becoming more successful.

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